The Journey Begins

On November 7th, our world changed forever. I was scheduled for my 20 week ultrasound to confirm that the baby was for sure a boy ( we did the blood test at 11 weeks because I am impatient and needed to know if we were having a little boy or a little girl). Opie, me and my mother in law headed to the medical center where my mom would meet us there. The scan, went well, so we thought even though it took forever to get all the measurements. The ultrasound tech showed us 10 tiny fingers and toes and a precious profile picture of our stubborn little BOY! She confirmed that he was for sure a BOY who is very active and doesn’t like to have his picture taken. She printed out his pictures and told us the doctor would be in shortly. 

The doctor came in and asked if I had any blood test done to test for anything. I told him yes that we did the blood test to find out the gender at 11 weeks,  I also let him know that when they called to talk to me about the results ( which they didn’t tell me) that my Dr. told me that there was a 99 % chance that the baby could have Down Syndrome and asked if I wanted to do an invasive test to for sure know if the baby had Down Syndrome, I told her no because no matter what the baby would be loved. Well the radiologist took a couple more pictures and confirmed he did have a hole in his heart and that is seen in children who have Down Syndrome that we would need to go and get a fetal echocardiogram of the babies heart to see what the hole looked like. We went upstairs to see Dr. Ball where she went over the ultrasound pictures with us and told us that there was a 99% chance that Kaiden had Down Syndrome. 

The ride home was long and silent. Thoughts went through my head why us? I was numb——- Our little boy had Down Syndrome. Why did God pick us? this isn’t how we envisioned our first pregnancy to go. There were tons of emotions going around, we were heart broken, worried, frustrated and angry and many tears were shed.  Any emotion you could name I’m Sure we felt it. We waited a couple days to try and comprehend what the Dr. told us before we let our families know. 

While many weeks have gone by. I know that we were picked for a reason to be Kaiden’s parents and he was picked for a reason to be our son. I know deep down we will be okay ( more than okay) we might hit some obstacles but that is normal. Our Kaiden was made for us. Was it planned no, but it was God’s plan. I know that great joy is to come when our sweet little boy makes his appearance here on earth.

We see the fetal cardiologist on December 4th, where we will find out more about our sweet Kaiden’s heart condition. The love and support we have had the past several weeks from our families and close friends has been extremely incredible. We are blessed to have so many take this journey with us.